ISF self-file (here 24/7):

  • Fill-in, only Available info's  &  leave other Blank.
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  1. $95 ISF Type 1 Filing
  1. Email driver's license photo.
  2. Email Continuous Bond or Single ISF Bond (Bond Certificate)
  3. Email supplier ISF info, invoice, photo, BL, etc.
  4. Payment, After ISF is confirmed by CBP: Check or wire-transfer
  1. Fyi: ISF was create by Customs, after 9/11
  1. As you can see, we filed the ISF in a matter of minutes.
  2. But it could take 30 minutes to 3 hours for Customs to confirm.
  3. Pay only once you have received an invoice and a three-page ISF confirmation.
  1. Fyi: To file ISF & Entry, bonds are REQUIRED.
  1. Within 30 minutes, a Single ISF Bond is issued.
  2. Within 30 minutes, a Single Entry Bond is issued.
  3. Within 3-5 days, a Continuous Bond could be issued.
  4. If your importer-id does not have a Continuous Bond, a Single ISF Bond and a Single Entry Bond will be applied automatically to ISF and Entry.
  1. ISF Requirements
  2. Regardless of the value of your shipment.
  3. ISF must be filed 24 hours before departure from a foreign port.
  4. If an ISF is not filed or is filed late, a penalty of up to $5,000 may be imposed.
  1. IF you need us to COORDINATE//Pre-estimate with you/your-supplier/ shipper, to file your ISF & Entry with Customs//Agencies, email supplier info (email & contact name &/OR forward last email communication with your supplier/shipper). All email are Copy to you (No extra fee).
  • Type1:  Standard: This transaction type covers the vast majority of commercial shipments. ($95 / $150 Late)


  • Type2: Should be used for shipments that have not yet been sold to a buyer in the U.S.  Typically used for commodities shipments (e.g., coffee beans, cocoa, etc.). / handling shipments sold on the water: "Sold on the Water" ($186 / $373 Late)


  • Type3: USED HouseHold Goods (HHG) and  personal effects (PE) shipments.  This includes shipments for returning military members, other U.S. governmental personnel and their families.  No bond is required ($186 / $373 Late)


  • Type4: U.S. Government and U.S. Military:  Only to be used for actual government or military.  No bond is required.  ($186 / $373 Late)


  • Type5:  Diplomatic; Only to be used by foreign entities/entitled to diplomatic immunity.  No bond is required.  ($186 / $373 Late)


  • Type6: Carnet; Covers shipments arriving under a carnet.  No bond is required.  ($186 / $373 Late)


  • Type7: U.S. Goods;  Reserved for shipments containing solely U.S. Goods Returned.  ($186 / $373 Late)


  • Type8: FTZ Shipments;  Reserved for shipments going into a Foreign Trade Zone.  ($186 / $373 Late)


  • Type9: International Mail;  Reserved for USPS mail shipments.  No bond is required.  ($186 / $373 Late)


  • Type10:  OCS Shipments; Reserved for shipments arriving from a U.S. outer continental shelf point or from vessels operating over a U.S. OCS point (e.g. rigs, derrick barges, seismic vessels). ($186 / $373 Late)


  • Type11: To file your Importer Security Filing (ISF 5+2) ISF 5+2 is for only: Immediate Exportation (IE)  or  Transportation and Exportation (TE) Immediate Transportation (IT)  ($186 / $373 Late)

Single ISF Filing ( ISF 10+2 )

What is Single ISF Filing?

The Single ISF Filing 10+2 or Importer Security Filing (ISF), often known as 10+2, is a United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) import requirement that needs containerized cargo information for security purposes.

When and who files my Single ISF Filing?

ISF must be file, 24 hours before your shipment could leave foreign port. ISF will be filed on your behalf by your customs broker. It could be Standard ISF Filing or Late ISF Filing.

What happens if ISF is skipped or not filed?

Because liquidated damages cannot be assessed for the failure to file an ISF if no bond is in place, CBP will withhold the release or transfer of the cargo until CBP receives the required ISF information and has had the opportunity to review the documentation and conduct any necessary examination. CBP also reserves the right to refuse unloading of merchandise for which no ISF has been filed, and if such cargo is unladen without permission, it may be subject to seizure.

What are the Single ISF Filing requirements?

  • Manufacturer (or supplier) name and address
  • Seller (or owner) name and address
  • Buyer (or owner) name and address
  • Ship-to name and address
  • Container stuffing location
  • Consolidator (stuffer) name and address
  • And many more | read more.

Do I have to file an ISF for every import or export transaction?

  1. If you are importing from Guam, American Samoa, or the Virgin Islands, you must submit an ISF.
  2. If you are exporting from the United States to Puerto Rico or importing from Puerto Rico (NO ISF required).
  3. If your products are delivered into the United States by road or rail after arriving in Canada by ship (as long as the shipment is accompanied by an AMS bill of lading) (must file ISF).
  4. This ISF form sample can be found here. Additionally, see here for the comprehensive ISF 10+2 filing procedures.

How do I send my Single ISF Filing Application?

Commercial Invoice, ISF requirements and other important information needed must be uploaded in the form below or attached all documents through email for ISF application. Before you can proceed submitting a request for clearance.

Key to file ISF

The key to file ISF is that you must file 48 hours (we prefer 72 hours) before your consignment can be loaded into a freight vessel, even if your data is incomplete. You can always modify your ISF filing and re-submit it 72 hours before your shipment arrives at a U.S. port. However, you must re-submit your ISF; otherwise, CBP can and will impose a penalty / fee of up to $5,000 for each infringement.

Importers are responsible for filing an Importer Security Filing (ISF 10+2) as of January 26, 2010. Separate from the carrier's manifest and the broker's / importer's entry / entry file / custom broker is the Importer Security Filing (ISF 10+2).

NOTE: For each bill of lading (BL) / shipment, the ISF 10+2 filing is required. Also, each Importer Security Filing (ISF 10+2) must have the same parameters, such as spelling of all names, letters, and numbers on your oversea factory's shipments / invoices.

ISF 10+2 Filing

ALL PREMIUM, COMMISSION, AND/OR FEES ARE EARNED IN FULL ON ALL OF OUR ARRANGES AND SERVICES. When payment(s) are made in full, there is/will be NO pro-rating or reimbursements for any bond termination/cancellation/in-process/before and after active/activation, as well as any other service we supplied.

ISF Requirements and Fees

It doesn't matter if its Late or Standard ISF Filing, both could be approved within 30 minutes.

Single ISF Filing Requirements

  • ISF must be filed for all sea shipments.
  • No matter what value of your shipment is.
  • ISF must be filed 24 hours before leaving foreign.
  • 10 data elements from importer.
  • 2 data elements from the carrier

ISF Filing Fees

Bond Requirement

U.S. Citizen/Resident returning to the United States with used personal equipment: ISF Filing $176 with no bonds required, but with some restrictions with any government agencies.

We could contact your factory, supplier, or logistic company if you have not received any/some documents, and we could do the most of the work for you. All we require is your logistics/supplier information (email & name).