ISF Type 03 Application Form

This application should be used for all HouseHold Goods (HHG) and personal effects (PE) shipments. This includes shipments for returning military members, other U.S. governmental personnel and their families.

Household goods (HHG) code 9804.00 or Personal Effects (PE) Code 9805.00 or Chapter 87 such as 8703.21 (auto's/car's) and 8711.30 (motorcycles) of returning U.S. Military members extended duty employees and family or evacuees.

  • If re-submitting or updating, after you received ISF Transaction Number, use this form instead.
  • To review other ISF types / 11 Types of coded transactions, view list.

If you have submitted incomplete/wrong ISF 10+2 data and if U.S. Customs rejects/ISF Accepted with Warnings, and if you are re-submitting due to your incomplete/wrong or up-dating ISF 10+2 data, There will be a charge for every resubmission. Please check all your details before submitting.