ISF Type 02 Application Form

Sold on the water (Type 02) The ISF will need to be updated if the shipment is sold in transit. At a minimum, the ISF Importer must notify CBP that the goods have been sold, and the party must update the Buyer (Owner) field and any other field of which they are aware. The ISF Importer remains liable for the timing and accuracy of the ISF filing.

  • To review other ISF types / Types of coded transactions, view list.
  • Requirement to file ISF Type 2 is the ISF Account Number, if you don't have one, apply here first.

If you have submitted incomplete/wrong ISF 10+2 data and if U.S. Customs rejects/ISF Accepted with Warnings, and if you are re-submitting due to your incomplete/wrong or up-dating ISF 10+2 data, There will be a charge for every resubmission. Please check all your details before submitting.