Customs Clearing

We make Customs Clearing Simple

Before items can be imported or exported internationally, customs clearing is required. If a shipment is cleared, the shipper will produce documents confirming the payment of customs charges, and the shipment will be processed. Send all required documents, and fill out the Power of Attorney and we do most of the work for you.

For All Types Of Shipment

Simply send all of the documents you obtained from your Supplier / Factory / Forwarder / Carrier / Vessel / Moving / Shipping-company to us, together with the Service Agreement.

For sea shipments

We can clear your shipment five days before it arrives in a US port. Please provide us a copy of your forwarder's / supplier's / vessel's / Arrival carrier's Notice.

Bound to Incoterms

All importers are bound to Incoterms = (pre-arranged before leaving foreign port) Importer must check Incoterms / ICC / UNCITRAL and contact issuer of Bill of Lading to clarify why/whom importer must pay before / after / during shipping. No zip/compress file attached to emails.

Documents Required for Customs Clearing

Please fill out the Service Agreement and email the documents listed below. This will help U.S. Customs figure out who the importer is and make sure that the shipments belong to you.

  1. If you are importing as a personal name/individual/sole proprietorship with an SSN number, please email your driver's license/utility bill/social-site/website and any other information/I.D.
  2. If you are importing as a company (inc/llc) with an IRS number, please email your driver's license/business utility bill/business license/business card/website/IRS 147C/Tax Return and any other information/I.D.
  3. If the shipment is your used personal belongings, please send an email with a copy of your driver's license, passport, visa, foreign address (and how long you've lived there), and supplemental declaration CF 3299.
  4. If the recipient is a foreign person, company, or government that is not registered in the US and they are bringing in used personal items or commercial goods, they need to email us their passport, visa, foreign address, US address, etc. (this can take 3–90 days to clear).

Send all of the documents you obtained from your Supplier / Factory / Forwarder / Carrier/ Vessel / Moving / Shipping-company to us, together with the Service Agreement.

  • Sea/Ocean cargo (invoice, packing list, bill of lading (BL) / original bill of lading, ISF Form, Sea-Arrival-Notice, + photos of imported commodities, and so on.).
  • Air shipment (invoice, packing list, bill of lading / BL, Air-Way-Bill (AWB) Plus photos of imported objects and other documents).
  • Truck / Rail shipment from Mexico/Canada only(Invoice, Packing-list, Bill-of-Lading / BL, Country-of-Origin + Photos-of-Import-items and other documents).
  • Hand-carrying items/shipments into US airports that require Customs Clearance (On-Site and Remotely) + Photos-of-Import-items and other documents).

Customs Clearing Fees

Customs Clearing Fees and US Customs Fees for all shipments.

  1. $50 service fee (all US ports)
  2. Filing a Customs Entry (Any US Port) = $195
  3. U.S. Customs Duty/Tax = (if applicable) HTC-HTS (Harmonized Tariff Code) (after the 2nd HTC/Supplier) or call/email U.S. Customs Import Specialist Team (Government fees/our fees).
  4. Harbor Maintenance Fee (HMF) (only for sea shipments) (.001250 X your invoice value) (government fees).
  5. Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) (.003464 X invoice value) ($25 minimum, $485 maximum) (government fees).
  6. If FDA, EPA/DOT, USDA, FWS, and other agencies are involved, the document is subject to their processing. $85 + $45 (government fees/our fees) for messenger submission.
  7. If x-ray exam and other fees + exam processing $135 + IT/TE/IE/7512/3499/PTT $195 + messenger submission $65 + split AN / AWB $100 (government fees/our fees).
  8. Single Entry Bond Standard (if any)/ SEB + subject to (if any)/ SEB + ADD (if any) or Service Agreement (if any) and import bond(If subject to) or Single Entry Bond Standard (if any)/ SEB + subject to (if any) or single entry bond + ADD (if any) (Customs Requirement).
  9. If you have your own Continuous Bond or Single Entry Bond, please email us a copy of the bond before submitting your entry with US Customs to prevent having to pay a refiling cost.
  10. Entry filing $195 + service $95 + above #3- full container / roro / etc. and AIR = entry filing $195 + service $95 + above #3.
  11. If you're using a hand carried port. LCL is seen above (less container load)
  12. Used Household Goods (HHG) / Personal Effects (PE) and other items: LCL ($434.76) or full/roro/other ($534.76) + exam/duty/other + import bond If subject to file.
  13. Make a payment (check or wire) documents released by customs: Pick-up your own shipping, trucking arrangements, LCL / FCL freight forwarder, and warehouse.